Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Comparing Apples to Burgers when it comes to taxes. One is a Whopper and one has a small worm hole--don't assume which is which...

It is possible to be a corporate "traitor" without leaving the country.

Last year Burger King paid a total of $88 million dollars in taxes (Yahoo Finance).

Apple AVOIDS paying roughly $17 million dollars PER DAY in taxes (Business Insider).

It took Apple less than a week to avoid paying what Burger King actually paid in taxes for a year.

We love Apple, but hate Burger King.

Not sure if I am comparing Apples to Apples here (forgive the pun), but American apples and Canadians apples pretty much look and taste the same, don't they?

Confession: I own an i-phone, i-pad AND I like Burger King.  Guess I am complicit in corporate traitorism.

Does it help my cause that I am a former Marine (me, the taller one)?

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