Thursday, May 15, 2014

My response to a Social Media posting regarding a restaurant owner who pays his workers $21.00 per hour.

There is a posting going around on Social Media (I have seen it on Facebook) about a restaurant owner and how much he pays his staff/waitstaff. It is a place called "Zingerman's Roadhouse" located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He is an advocate of increasing the minimum wage. His workers make about $21.00 in wages and tips and they get other benefits as well.  He calls this a "thrivable-wage" as opposed to a "livable wage".  I assume he believes all businesses in the food service industry should do the same.

I am not opposed to increasing the minimum wage.  What I do oppose are demagogues who think their opinion of how someone else runs should run their business is morally superior.  Especially when they don't walk in the same shoes.

Curious about his establishment, I went and looked at his menu.  It can be found HERE.

Below I clipped and pasted what a BBQ sandwich and an order of fries would cost me.

$18.50.  Guess I will have a glass of water with that---I am tapped out. Look at the menu.  That is one of the better deals.

Oh, and the Social Media posting does not mention this is an UPSCALE establishment nor does it mention the prices. And you have to make a reservation.

Show me a restaurant owner who sells me a sandwich and fries for half (or more) than what Zingerman's does and I will listen to him and his argument for raising the minimum wage. Zinger-meister is NOT in the same business as the former one is.

Why don't people get that?
Source: Zingerman's Menu Board

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