Saturday, March 22, 2014

See how the price and quantity sold of the simple i-Pod as changed over time since its introduction in 2003. The i-Pod is Dead, Long Live the i-Pod...

Ok, it is not really dead, but it is on its way to becoming an impulse buy in line at the grocery store.

The iPod will go down in history as a breakthrough technology that lead to the "i"-everything revolution in consumer electronics.

When it debuted in 2003 (yes a short 11 years ago) its introductory nominal price was $400.00 (see left scale, blue line. Using the BLS inflation calculator for overall changes in prices, in today's dollars that would be equivalent to $510.30.

Following the BLUE line you can see the price dropped rapidly as more units were sold (GOLD line using the Right Hand scale).

In 2006 the price stabilized at its longer term price floor of just over $150.00 regardless of the number of units sold (with some seasonal fluctuations). Those seem to coincide with the very high peaks that center on the Christmas shopping season. Pretty consistent, eh?

For an additional reference point, I put the price of an i-Pod today (estimated at $155.00) in 2003 dollars: $121.47.  That is a 70% reduction in price using 2003 prices ($121.47-$400.00 = -$278.53/$400.00). Or you could use 2014 prices.

During that time, the general level of all prices, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, increased 28%.

Wish we could innovate with the cost of gas and or electricity to this extent so our heating bills would be lower by 70%.  :)
Source: Twitter Tweet via Quartz

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