Sunday, February 16, 2014

I can't even go to the movies and not observe an economics issue---See the picture I took in the parking lot today. Merica'...

I parked next to this car when we went to the movies today.

Noticed the bumper sticker that suggested buying this car, a Chevy Malibu, shows support for US auto manufacturing at the expense of a foreign auto producer. True enough.  Was this car assembled in the US with US labor?  Yes, it was produced in Kansas at a GM plant.  However....

If you are looking at a car in its entirety in terms of labor and PARTS, then perhaps a better choice could have been made. does an annual survey of vehicles to determine the TOTAL US supplied labor and parts that went to producing it.

Here is the latest one from 2013.  Each of these vehicles has at least 75% US sourced labor and parts.

If the owner of the above car wanted to buy a comparable car that was MORE Made in the USA than his Chevy he would do better to buy a Toyota Camry.

I bought American---I own a Camry myself.  :)

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