Friday, January 17, 2014

See video of a skateboarder stealing a 32" flat screen from Target. I found a picture of the one his Dad stole 20 years ago. Kids have is SOOO much easier today...

Here is a video of a young man stealing a 32" flat screen t.v. from Target and making his getaway via skateboard.  You see a crime, well I do too, but I also see the marvel of technological advancement that made this crime likely unsolvable.

He could easily tuck that television under his arm.

My question is, could his Dad have done the same thing 20 years ago around the time his son was born?
(yes, I am casting an aspersion).

Here is a 32" Sony Trinitron from 1994.  I had one of these.  Must have weighed 50-60 pounds, at least. Maybe more.  One most certainly could not ride a skate board with it in your arms.

Today's Big Screen TV:  Better quality, less expensive, fewer resources needed to build it, more efficient...oh, and MUCH easier to steal on your own...

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