Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My encounter with a "Snow Roller". You won't believe what happened next.

I live just north of Columbus, Ohio.  We had a unique weather event the night before last that produced a "Snow Roller". These are "natural" snowballs of various sizes that were formed with just the right conditions, temperature and wind.  I have never seen them before and apparently they are a rare occurrence.   A large soccer complex I live near has hundreds of them.  They have a very unique "swirl" pattern to them in the center.

Here is my daughter holding one just to give you a idea of the scale and scope of one.

Here is me holding one AND wearing it as a hat.  The kid in me required I do this.

It is difficult to see but this is the soccer field that is covered with them.  It is amazing to see these.  Glad I got the opportunity.  :)

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