Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welp, I know where we go wrong with health care costs in the US compared to other countries. We have to stop reaching the age of 55. See here why...

This is a bit dated (2009), however I am going to assume the proportions probably have not changed much.  Something happens with the cost structure of the US health care system (RED line) after people reach the age of 55 that does not happen in some European countries. The cost curve goes vertical.  I inserted an estimate of per person spending on health care in the US in 2009 ($8,400).

It is quite surprising to me that US health care costs are right in line, albeit higher on average, with these European countries right up to age 55. Our average per capita cost is definitely brought up by the marginal cost of each person 55 and beyond.  Seems like we know the where the problem lies.

What are we doing about it?
Source: Forbes

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