Friday, December 6, 2013

Part 2: Educational Attainment and Employment---How has it fared since the start of The Great Recession. The numbers are incredible!

The data below is an extension of my prior posting regarding the connection between the attainment of education and the number of jobs held with that level of education.  HERE is that posting where I just compared Nov 2012 with Nov 2013.

Using data from the BLS (HERE) I extended the time span back to November of 2007, which is one month BEFORE the official start of The Great Recession (NBER).
The Change in Total Jobs from 11/2007 to 11/2013 is a minus 279,000. In other words, we have that many fewer jobs, on net,  today than back then.

The only group that is better off, on net, are those who have a bachelor's degree or higher. All other categories have big net losses for the most part.

 Not sure what to make of this.  We have roughly the same number of jobs BUT the composition of the those jobs based on educational attainment is VERY unequal.

What say you?  Any thoughts?

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