Friday, December 6, 2013

How has the job market changed in the past year based on educational attainment? You don't want to miss this chart. It will make Finals Week SO MUCH MORE comforting...

How important is education in terms of employment prospects?

I used the latest data (today!) from the BLS report on Educational Attainment (Seasonally Adjusted) to create the chart below.

I wanted to look at a one year's change in employment by level of education. The numbers you see in the month columns are the TOTAL number of people employed that month.  The "Change" is the nominal change year over year in jobs in that category.
Data From BLS
Are you shocked?

Those with less than a high school diploma along with high school graduates have a net LOSS in employment of 319,000 jobs (-323,000 + 3,000).  Those with some college/Associates Degree or a Bachelor's Degree or higher have a net GAIN of 1,357,000 jobs (1,258,000 + 99,000).

The chasm between the haves (have jobs) and have nots (no job) based on educational attainment has grown in the past year.


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