Thursday, November 21, 2013

We are at the same level of beef consumption per person as we were in the 1940's. Good for people, bad for cows...

Here is a graph (which I modified a bit) from The Big Picture Agriculture blog that shows Meat Consumption from 1900 to 2012 by type of meat.  It shows that on a per person basis we are back to early 1940's level of consumption of beef, about 52 pounds per person per year.  BUT down considerably for a high of 91 pounds around 1978.  I wonder what happened in the late 70' to cause the rapid descent in consumption never to recover. I am of age to know but do not remember.  Maybe Mad Cow disease first emerged???

This is good for people is terms of health, but it is not good for the health of cows.

In 1942 the US population was 135 million.  Which means Americans consumed 7,020,000,000 (7.02 billion) pounds of beef.

In 2012 the US population was 314 million. Which means Americans consumed 16,328,000,000 (16.328 Billion) pounds of beef.  That is a 132% INCREASE in the total consumption meat.

Each cow produces, on average (in 2005), 585 pounds (I am taking this sites word for it) of beef.

That means approx. 16,000 more cows are needed to satisfy the demand for beef today compared to 1940-ish.  (Math---16.328M-7.020M divided by 585).

Isn't your life better for knowing this. To celebrate I am going to eat a cheeseburger.

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