Monday, November 18, 2013

Only in the ObamaCare discussion: Numbers are difficult. When some = millions and when millions = some. Math is hard for ideologues.

I read A LOT of stuff from the different perspectives regarding the "Obamacare" official roll-out.

Language is important and here is something I find curious, but not surprising.

Liberal commentators/writers refer to the number of people getting cancellation notices as "some" or "JUST 5% of the population!!!", which is, of course, millions of people (are we not "equal"?)

Conservatives commentators/writers emphasize the "MILLIONS!!" who may (or may not) lose their current policies and pretty much ignore the millions of uninsured and/or un-insurable. (Opps, where did they go??)

It is a minor point but just something I picked up on in the discussions.  Put your ideology aside and listen for yourself.  I believe you will hear it a MILLION TIMES (or 5% or the time).  Choose your quantity.   :)

I like sports that produce winners and losers, but I don't like Federal polices that do the same thing.

Can't we do stuff that merges one-sides "Millions" with the other sides "5%"?  Rhetorical question....

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