Friday, September 20, 2013

Nice set of maps (and article) illustrating where job growth in the US has occurred and the shifting of the Economic Center of Gravity

Here are 3 maps that show Job-Growth Change from 2009 to present (HT: EMSI).

They are from a TERRIFIC article you will find HERE by economist Richard Florida.  I highly recommend reading this to deepen your knowledge/awareness of the national employment situation.

It is non-political and shows how the economic center of gravity is moving from production of physical goods to the production of energy (an input) and knowledge/ideas.

The crux of the article states that this has been an Energy and Knowledge/Idea based economic recovery. It suggest these separate and distinct industries are more complementary to each other rather than substitutes and that there is a multiplier effect on job creation (my words, not his) in some areas where these two converge.

\High wage jobs are considered any wage over $21.00 per hour.

 Low wage jobs are ones that pay below $14.00 per hour.

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