Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Men are from Hard Sciences, Women are from Soft Sciences". How the differences show up in level of compensation...

There is a lot of interesting data on the demographics of college degree holders in this study found HERE.

There is much discussion on wage inequality between men and women.  While this does not settle the issue of the source any inequality, it does help point us in the right direction.  See the graphic below.

Choice of college major and its earning power in the marketplace are linked.  I say its "earning power" and not real or perceived "social value".  Two different things for the most part.

Correlate the data on the left with the data on the right.

The marketplace values "hard sciences", i.e. engineers and math degree holders much more than the "softer science" degree holders.  That is not controversial.  What actually surprised me (a bit) was the imbalance between men and women who hold those respective degrees.  I really had no idea it was that vast.

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