Friday, July 26, 2013

I discovered there is a Bermuda Triangle for Manufacturing Jobs in the US. This one graph will amaze you!

Was reading this short article on a potential manufacturing renaissance in the US.  As always, I try to connect this to jobs in that sector.

Using the St Louis Federal Reserve data and graph maker, I looked at the employment of "Production and Non-Supervisory Employees" (fancy way of saying "blue collar" front line manufacturing jobs) as far back as the data went.

The high point for employment of blue collar workers was 1980 (blue dot at the apex).

We now have as just about as many workers employed in front line production jobs as we did in 1940.  Read that again.  Amazing!

When I looked at the graph I could not help notice the triangle it formed and making the analogy of the Bermuda Triangle. Once manufacturing entered a period of globalization, the jobs disappeared never to be found again. But that does not stop people from looking for the wreckage to raise.

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