Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick Snapshot of today's employment report. 175,000 net new jobs created. But are they "good jobs"? See the evidence here...

In May the BLS reports the number of new jobs created (net) was 175,000 (first yellow highlight).

Of those 175,000 jobs the big gainers were in the categories of Retail Trade (+27,700), Temporary Help Services (+25,500) and Leisure and Hospitality (+43,000).

These three sectors accounted for 96,200 of the jobs created, or 55% of the total.

Not sure what the breakout is, but I would say a good portion of these jobs are part-time, lower wage positions. No data to back that up having worked in those sectors in my lifetime, I think from experience I am safe in than conclusion.

It is great that we are creating these jobs.  But are we creating a healthy, vibrant economy.

I don't think when over 50% of the new jobs are in these categories we are.  What do you think?

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