Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did Disney raise its admission prices just to keep up with inflation? (Also a link to historical prices to the "Happiest Place on Earth")

This is an extension of a Disney post on the recent price increase. Here is that one.

Below is a single day ticket for entry into Disney World from 2003 (for a list of historical admission prices to Disney, go HERE). Note is says entry into Epcot for $52.00 but that was the price to get into any of the parks.

For the first time Disney has priced Magic Kingdom at a different price than the other parks.  Magic Kingdom now costs $95 for a one day ticket. It costs $90 for a one day ticket to the other theme parks.

I have read in several places that Disney has increased the price of admission well beyond the rate of inflation for the year. True enough. But what about longer term?  Maybe they are just making up for lost ground with not being able to raise prices enough in the past?

According to this BLS inflation calculator, $52 in 2003 in today's dollars would be  $65.72. Yikes! The ticket price today  is well beyond the 10 year rate of inflation. $95 - $65.72 = $29.28 divided by $65.72 = 45%.

I think they are doing fine on the keeping up with inflation front.

Source: HERE

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