Saturday, December 29, 2012

Don't laugh--I have a Vegan Restaurant recommendation for you. Those of you who know me know how ridiculous THAT is. However, I believe this very small chain of restaurants will be the next "big thing" in casual dining. Just wish I had the money to invest!!

I am by NO MEANS a foodie, food critic or connoisseur of fine food.  In general, I dislike most vegetables and have an elevated disdain for green vegetables.  I am a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  That last descriptor is not a generalization. It is pretty much a truism that plays out on my plate at just about every meal.  Bad on me, so says my cholesterol level and blood pressure.

My daughter is a vegetarian/vegan.  Has been for several years. Don't understand it, but I respect it.  I just tell her to leave me out of it. Ha! Did not work so well.  Went to a vegan restaurant in Dallas, Texas with her on her birthday once.  Tasteless food prepared and served by, well, equally distasteful people.  Hated every minute of it and stopped for fast food on the way home.  True story.

We moved to Chicago a year ago.  For her birthday, she wanted to go to a dinner and a show. She found a vegan restaurant in the Wicker Park area of Chicago.  I was fooled into trying the "life-style" again. We went to a restaurant called "Native Foods". Attitude changer!!

I have read stories about investors who accidentally came across "the next great thing" in terms of a budding business, got in on the ground floor, and cashed out rich.  I always wondered what it would be like to be "that guy" and be presented with "that idea". I gotta say, this place is THAT THING!  The only thing missing for me is the financial capital to invest, because I believe this will be a hit and it has tremendous growth potential.

I don't know how they do it with the "fake meats", BUT if they can fool and satisfy a confirmed carnivore like me, then I have to think their upside in terms of a cross-over effect to gain market share is huge.  Sell someone like me on vegetarian food/meats and you have a winner.

Another upside---they seem to hire "normal" people (in look and attitude) who don't look like they just came from an Animal Rights Front raid.  Don't ask me to elaborate on that, you know darn well what I mean.

Native Foods has VERY few locations at this time, but they apparently have plans to expand.  If you have a chance to eat at one, I would highly recommend it.  Not sure if it is just this one location that does it well or not. Check out their website, find a location and try it.

Now, if I can just find some money to invest...

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Native Foods and dont know anyone associated with the company. I dont even know if they are looking for outside investors.

I am just a hungry person that occassionally stumbles upon something worthwhile. 
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