Saturday, December 29, 2012

Curious as to how much (or how little, depending on your perspective) members of the Military earn per month? See the numbers here....

I don't think most people know what members of the military earn on a monthly basis.  Here is the pay schedule for enlisted men/women.  I got this from the latest Executive Order signed by the President to give Federal Employees a raise. Find that HERE. You will also find the Officer pay schedule there as well.

Each branch of the military has different names for the "E" designations.  Go HERE to find the equivalent rank for each branch.

I was in the Marine Corps--E-1 (Private), E-2 (Private First Class), E-3 (Lance Corporal), E-4 (Corporal), E-5 (Sergeant), E-6 (Staff Sgt), E-7 (Gunnery Sgt), E-8 (First Sgt OR Master Sgt--depending on the career track), E-9 (Sgt Major). 

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