Monday, November 19, 2012

Great links to Vintage online catalogs from yesteryear. How much fun is this!!!

Mark Perry at Carpe Diem has the following links to vintage catalogs that are online and you can view them by flipping pages just like the old days.

Great resource for teachers and students as a primary source for fashion, culture and technology.

How much fun it is to look through these and see how much has changed. I had fogotten some of the products and fashions!

1. Wishbook Web, the “vintage Christmas catalog archive project,” with online versions of old Christmas catalogs (Sears, Wards, J.C. Penny, FAO Schwarz, etc.) from 1933 to through 1988.
2. Online Radio Shack Catalog Archive, back to 1939.
3. Online Radio Shack Computer Catalogs, back to 1977.
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