Friday, May 4, 2012

Secretary of Agriculture makes statement on Ethanol. See here how I edited it to reflect the bankrupt thinking on this issue...

Approximately 40% of our domestic corn production goes to the production of ethanol, primarily a gasoline additive.  The most recent Farm Bill calls for an increase in the amount of ethanol MANDATED/Required to be produced and used in this manner.  Using food for fuel is universally condemned by those on the Left AND Right of the political spectrum. The only ones who love it are the Farm Lobby, The Ethanol Lobby and the Senators from the farm belt States. 

Below is a quote from the head of the Agriculture Department. I cross out some of his words and insert my own in parenthesis to show this policy can work just as well in the inverse.

Vilsack Makes the Case for Renewable Energy

"When we get to 36 billion gallons (of ethanol), that's going to be mean that we will be importing exporting fewer barrels bushels of oil corn ," says Vilsack. "That means that the wealth that we are currently transferring into from those countries that don't necessarily agree with us and are from an unstable part of the world are our friends/allies/customers can  cannot be redirected into creating rural opportunities and jobs."

It is all perspective....
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