Friday, May 4, 2012

Latest jobs report just out! A quick look as to where the jobs were gained/lost last month

Click on image to see it more clearly or go HERE for the actual report just released.  Total jobs created in April (far right column) was 115,000 (Total Nonfarm).  This number is derived from taking Total Private (130,000) minus Government (at bottom -15,000). 

Looking through the numbers, the I continue to see an education gap.  "Professional and Business Services" and "Health care and Social Assistance" are the job growth leaders. These categories generally contain people with advanced education beyond High School and  have shown the most strength since last April 2011 (left-most column). 

Government employment--this is at local, state and federal level, clearly is a drag on the overall number over time. 

(Add 3 Zeroes to the end of the numbers you see to get the proper scope---"in thousands")

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