Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More comfort for those of you pursuing Non-Technical degrees...YOU are in BIG Demand!! Learn here how to take advantage of it.

I encourage you to read the whole article below.  Not everyone can be (or wants to be) an engineer, scientist, or mathetician OR business major.  Commerce is increasingly becoming competitive and global.  Businesses need people who can look at scarce resources in new and innovative ways.  They need people who can connect with people across borders, cultures, religions, etc.  I think a well rounded education in Economics does this best but there are many other Social Science and/or Liberal Arts majors that can do the same thing. 
Pursue your degree agressively but keep your head up and look for opportunities.  Do not say NO to any opportunity to network or to learn something new.  You never know how that contact or new knowledge might help you down the road in the near or far future.
"...Companies say they need flexible thinkers with innovative ideas and a broad knowledge base derived from exposure to multiple disciplines. And while most recruiters don't outright avoid business majors, companies in consulting, technology and even finance say they're looking for candidates with a broader academic background....

...Such changes should appease recruiters, who have been seeking well-rounded candidates from other disciplines, such as English, economics and engineering. Even financial companies say those students often have sharp critical-thinking skills and problem-solving techniques that business majors sometimes lack...."

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