Friday, April 6, 2012

I found a bit of interesting news in today's job report that illustrates a continuing trend in inequality---however, it is something you can do something about.

I clipped this from todays jobs report because I thought it noteworthy for students.

The numbers in the Blue Box show the number of new private sector (not counting govt jobs) SERVICE jobs created last month (March). I see continuing "inequality" in the addition of new jobs. By that, I mean by education AND skill level. 

In general, there are large positive numbers in "Business/Professional, Education/Health Services, and Financial Activities".  Some of these jobs may NOT require advanced education but most will.  The exception to this is in "Leisure and Hospitality" but these presumably low wage/skill jogs are off-set by a large decline in "Retail" jobs.  This has been the trend and I don't see it reversing any time soon.

Service jobs in many sectors of  economy are the main destination for those without advanced education/skills. Those jobs are slowly(?) tapering off due to technology adoption and other efficiencies in business. 

Please stay in school and/or seek ways to upgrade your skills at all times. Your standard of living depends on it.

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