Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robots and Bedpans---the hospital of the future is here now. More low-skilled jobs are about to be eliminated by technology.

Creative Destruction and its impact on jobs, especially low(er) skilled ones (not a good outlook) and higher skilled jobs (a good outlook), in the healthcare industry.  Out go the orderlies and in come the robots and hardward/software technicians.  Technology is changing everything and I am not sure we as a country fully understand the implications on the future of employment.

The Robots Are Coming to Hospitals:   A New Breed of Blue-Collar Robots is Handling the Dirty Work, Transporting Linens and Laundry

""Robots have already staked out a place in the health-care world—from surgical droids that can suture a wound better than the human hand to "nanobots" that can swim in the bloodstream.

But the stage is now set for a different kind of robots, one with a sophisticated brain and an unlimited tolerance for menial tasks.

In the next few years, thousands of "service robots" are expected to enter the health-care sector—picture R2D2 from "Star Wars" carrying a tray of medications or a load of laundry down hospital corridors.

Fewer than 1,000 of these blue-collar robots currently roam about hospitals, but those numbers are expected to grow quickly.

As America's elderly population grows, the country's health-care system is facing cost pressures and a shortage of doctors and nurses. Many administrators are hoping to foist some of the less glamorous work onto robots.

This could create a potential bonanza for software and application developers to write new programs for them, investors and industry watchers say...."" Rest of the story HERE
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