Monday, March 12, 2012

More evidence that we need to see China as an opportunity rather than a problem...

I wish we could be more forward thinking when it comes to China andtheir economy.  Businesses are starting to reap the benefit of growing incomes there.  We cannot afford to not pay attention to 1.3 billion potential customers.  The protectionism is a losing proposition.  We can see China as a problem or an opportunity.  Even I know which is a better path.

I encourage you to read the full article.  If you are looking for a career with growth, connect with an international firm that wants to do business and not politics...

U.S. exports to China boom, despite trade tensions
'""While the U.S. trade deficit with China continues to soar, a surge in U.S. exports is emerging as a bright spot in the often-troubled trade ties between the world’s largest economy and its largest foreign creditor.
With a richer China showing a growing appetite for U.S. products, the flow of goods includes an increasing volume of American soybeans, cars, airplanes and medicine — and even garbage that can be mined for copper and aluminum. Overall, U.S. exports to China are up nearly 50 percent in value since 2008.
The surge is happening without much change in Chinese government policies and without much specific help from the Obama administration, which has a stated goal of doubling all U.S. exports globally by 2014. Instead, experts say, the main reason for the increase has been a booming China, where wealthier tastes include an increased appetite for meat — and hence for soybeans used as livestock feed....""

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