Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Timely validation of my lecture yesteday on Lefties teaming with Righties on the issue of Ethanol...Not so much patting myself on the back as affirming I am not crazy... :)

This is the second time in two days I get validation of my rants against ethanol subsidies.  This is one issue that elements on the Left AND Right can come together to lobby against a Federal policy.  They are doing it for different reasons, but the goal is common none-the-less.

A Budget Plan That Treehuggers and Tea Partiers Can Love

""There's not much that Friends of the Earth and The Heartland Institute agree on. Friends of the Earth is among the most liberal of the environmental groups in the US. Heartland thinks that climate change isn't a crisis at all—actually, it might even be a good thing—and is the host of an annual Green Scissors Report, which looks at environmentally problematic government spending.  It's heartening to know that while two groups might not be able to agree on the question of whether or not climate change is real, they can agree that subsidies for corn ethanol are dumb.""

Ethanol is not the only subsidy they are teaming up to lobby against. Here is a list:

$4 billion in "royalty relief" for oil and gas drilling
$6.7 billion in a manufacturing tax break for domestic oil and gas companies
$22 billion for nuclear and uranium enrichment loan guarantees
$56 billion in tax credits and market support for ethanol
$1.3 billion in support for the FutureGen "clean coal" project
$18 billion in subsidies for commodity crops like corn, wheat and soybeans
$30 billion for crop insurance
$2.2 billion in tax breaks for timber companies
$20.8 billion in funds for road and bridge projects that they deem unnecessary
$5.6 billion in Army Corps of Engineers projects that "serve little to no national interest."
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