Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teachers and would be teachers: Would you like to make $125,000 per year? View this video before you make up your mind...

Below is from a recent "60 Minutes" episode.  I thought it was interesting and the trade-off it presents---a much higher than average salary BUT it is tied to rigorous metrics for measuring success. Would you take this deal?  Could you work under these conditions? Interesting to think about..(HT: Carpe Diem). The commercials are annoying but the clip is worth it.

CBS News --"With state after state confronting massive budget problems, several governors have been looking to extract whatever they can from public employees like teachers, going after benefits packages and guaranteed job security that unions have won for them. But would teachers be willing to give up those protections for a chance to earn a lot more money?

There's a school in New York City that's trying to prove just that. It's a bold new experiment in public education called "TEP," which stands for The Equity Project, a charter school that is publicly funded but privately run. It's offering its teachers $125,000 a year - more than double the national average.

TEP aims to prove that attracting the best and brightest teachers and holding them accountable for results is the essential ingredient to a school's success. Could this school become a national model for the future of public education? That's the $125,000 question."
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