Thursday, March 3, 2011

Physics/Math, Economics Majors Ace the LSAT; Criminal Justice, Prelaw Majors Bomb the Test

Want to increase your chances of getting a high score on the test required to get into Law School?  Well, if you don't like physics or math, then Economics appears to be the major that best prepares you...LSAT tests your ability to think outside the box and economics sure does that...
""Michael Nieswiadomy (University of North Texas, Department of Economics) has posted LSAT Scores of Economics Majors: The 2008-2009 Class Update on SSRN. Here is the abstract:
Using 1994-1995 and 2002-2003 data, Nieswiadomy (1998, 2006) found that economics majors scored well on the LSAT. These results are frequently posted on university web sites by Economics and other departments. This note, which updates the prior studies using current 2007-2008 data for the 2008-2009 class of students entering law school, finds that Economics majors still perform at or near the top of all majors taking the test. Economics majors (LSAT score of 157.4) are tied for first (with Philosophy) of the 12 largest disciplines (those with more than 1,900 students entering law school). Economics is tied for second (with Philosophy/Religion (157.4)) behind Physics/Math (160.0) in a set of 29 discipline groupings that are created to yield at least 450 students with similar majors.""
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HT: Meaghan Nowell---AWESOME former student!!! :)
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