Saturday, January 22, 2011

The US loses more ground in a measure of Economic Freedom--From Free to Mostly Free...I don't like the sound of that..

The Heritage Foundation
 A highly regarded survey of economic freedom shows the US losing ground in economic freedom, by their metrics.  We have moved from "Free" to "Mostly Free". Not a good turn of events...Look at the whole survey to get a better perspective.

The 2011 Index of Economic Freedom

"The U.S., which fell from the ranks of “free” economies to the “mostly free” category in 2010, continued to lose ground. Its score slipped by 0.2 points to 77.8, dropping its world ranking to 9th place, one slot behind an improving Denmark.

The U.S. lost ground in four of the 10 economic freedoms measured by the Index, with the greatest decline resulting from the explosive growth of government spending. Monetary freedom also declined. “Government interventions in housing, automotive, health and financial markets have substantially increased price distortions,” the authors note. “Drastic legislative changes in health care and financial regulations have retarded job creation and injected substantial uncertainty into business investment planning.”""
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