Monday, January 17, 2011

"Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign""---this is SO true on the UT--Austin campus...What is up with the Anarchist-Bicyclist influence on Campus?

I have been at the University of Texas--Austin for the past 3 days with students participating in a Model United Nations competition.  The campus perplexes me in a lot of ways, but the signs posted around campus are of special note, especially about parking.  Most signs have several addendums attached to them so there could be as many as 4 differents levels of explanation about a particular parking lot/space. UT students will know what I am talking about.  Also, bicyclists appear to have representation by anarchists on the committees that determine the rules of the road...Here few I got pictures of...

 Ummm....What else would you do on a Loading Dock??

It is hard to see, but the bottom of the sign carves out an exception for two-wheelers too. These confirm for me the influence of anarchist-bicyclists on campus... :)
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