Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More evidence that THESE are the good ol' days for most of the world?

Click on the link below to see this graphic in video. I clipped two screen shots for illustration.  One shows the fertility rate and life expectancy in 1960 for different parts of the world and the second shows the same variables in 2008.  Notice how dispersed they groupings are in 1960 and how tight (relatively speaking) they are in 2008.  Fertility rates and life expectancy have changed dramatically in 50 years (my life-time) for most of the world.  Seems like evidence that life is better today for most people in the world than ever before, or does it...What do you think???

WATCH: Amazing Video Chart Showing China's Fertility Rate Dropping Off A Cliff

These are a complement to this excellent Has Rosling video supporting the same conclusion...

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