Saturday, October 30, 2010

THERE! GOTCHA! Liberal,, America Hating, Media bias at the New York Times exposed...or is it???

I do not agree with this franchisee (NOT condoned by the McDonalds Corporation) who inserted at political flyer into employees paycheck envelops which urged them to vote for particular candidates.  It is not the place for such material.  What I am MORE curious about is the reporting AND the headline attached to the story.  I understand at many/most major print media outlets, there are people who write the articles and there may be someone who creates the headline for the story.  As best I can tell from the article, NO ONE was TOLD who to vote for! Why does the title, which draws you into reading the article suggest they were?  Am I knit-picking?  Trying to get a media "Gotcha! being biased!!" I just read the article and it prompted the thought...Note: pointing out that when I blog I do the same thing with my titles (GUILTY!!) is not the same thing. No one believes my writing is news (except for my disciples)---it is all commentary.  As far as I can tell this is not an opinion piece.  Read for yourself...

NYTIMES: McDonald’s Workers Are Told Whom to Vote for

""When workers in a McDonald’s restaurant in Canton, Ohio, opened their paychecks this month, they found a pamphlet urging them to vote for the Republican candidates for governor, Senate and Congress, or possibly face financial repercussions....The pamphlet appeared calculated to intimidate workers into voting for Republican candidates by making a direct reference to their wages and benefits, said Allen Schulman, a Democrat who is president of the Canton City Council and said he obtained a copy of the pamphlet on Wednesday."
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