Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Coconut havesting machine MUST NOT be invented! Jobs will be lost! Where is the local Luddite Party when you need them?

But what about all the jobs that will be lost when capital is substituted for labor?  Luddites Unite!

From UK Guardian: Who wants to be a coconut millionaire?
""The contest was to devise a machine that could ascend a coconut tree and harvest the nuts, thereby doing away with the need for human climbers.
Today, Mr Satheesh's machine, designed with the benefit of practical advice from his father, will be one of eight shortlisted entrants to be tested in a two-day trial overseen by government officials. The organisers received more than 450 entries, and even at this stage people can bring their machines to the finals to compete. Three winners, whose machines are judged to have most effectively scaled the tree and completed the task, will each receive 1m rupees (£14,000).
"The economy of Kerala is very agrarian and many people depend on agriculture and the coconut. It's one of the most important products we have, and every part of the tree is used," said D K Singh, a senior official with the Kerala state government's office in Delhi.
"But nowadays, the younger generation does not want to climb trees. So the government planned to develop a mechanical device.""
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