Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mercedes-Benz take-off in China And Germany exits recession--Coincidence? Sales figures enclosed.

  Mercedes-Benz is doing rather well in China.  The percentage gain is somewhat misleading, because they are starting off from a lower base number so the gains will be magnified looking at it like this. But it is important to look at numbers like this to gauge overall consumption patterns.  This is obviously good for Germany, who is emerging from the recession mainly from strong exports. (HT: Carpe Diem)

Mercedes-Benz sales by markets

                                   July 2010    %Chg from Last July     Jan-July     %Chg Jan-July
Western Europe            47,100                 -2.5                          321,900              -0.1

of which Germany      23,600                -1.8                           146,000              -5.7

NAFTA                           19,900               +7.4                           140,200            +19.0

of which USA             17,400                +7.0                           121,000            +19.5

Asia/Pacific                    23,300             +108.6                           141,000         +68.3

of which Japan             1,700                  -5.9                              16,900          +12.2

of which China      14,600              +204.7                             75,100           +132.4

"Sales at Mercedes-Benz continue to improve, rising by 17 percent in July. This marked the ninth month in a row that sales have increased at a double-digit rate. Global deliveries to customers amounted to 97,700 units last month (July 2009: 83,500). As a result, sales now total 654,400 units since the beginning of the year (January-July 2009: 566,600), representing an increase of 16 percent.

Mercedes-Benz made great gains in many automotive markets in July. The brand had its best month ever in China (incl. Hong Kong), where it sold 14,600 passenger vehicles (July 2009: 4,800), an increase of 205 percent compared to the same month last year. As a result, Mercedes-Benz remains the fastest-growing premium brand in China.

Mercedes-Benz achieved its biggest gains last month in the dynamically growing market of South Korea, where 1,300 customers bought a vehicle bearing the Mercedes star. This was five times the number sold in July of last year (plus 446 percent). Within the Asia/Pacific region, sales also rose substantially in Australia (plus 48 percent). Mercedes-Benz in July also achieved its best month ever in Russia (plus 116 percent). Record sales were posted as well in India (plus 142 percent) and Turkey (plus 155 percent)."
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