Friday, August 13, 2010

Is your Pet a Need or a Want? Don't ask an economist this question...

     The first day of Economics class I like to distinguish between Needs and Wants. It is one of the more fun in-class activities.  The economic definition of a need is: If there is NO substitute, then it is a need...Economists are unyielding in there adherence to this definition.  If there is a substituteno matter how remote, then it is not a need.  It really limits what true needs are.  This article is not written by someone with an economic background---they HAVE a heart!!!  What do you think??  Pets--- a Need or Want???

Pet survey: Is having one a need or luxury? Weigh in
Do you need or just want your pet? What about Internet connection and an annual family vacation? For many baby boomers, those are all basic needs, not luxuries, according to a new survey.
Eighty-four % of those surveyed said having an Internet connection is a basic need, and 66 % said shopping for birthdays and special occasions is. Fifty-one % said pet care is a basic need, and 50 % said taking a family vacation once a year is a need, not a luxury, according to a recent survey by MainStay Investments of 1,049 consumers aged 45 to 65. The report also said people would put off retirement and spend less now so they could afford the same lifestyle when they do retire. And as children leave home to start their own lives, pets can take on added importance for empty nesters.
Pet meds and care can be expensive. Veterinarian Patty Khuly says it's not unusual to spend $1,700 a year for quality pet care. There are 10 pet insurance companies selling brands for petowners who are devoted to having the same treatment options -- especially when it comes to cancer -- for their pets as they have for themselves.
All the people who sent in photos for our shelter pets loving life photo album would agree their pets are a basic need.
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