Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is your favorite World Cup team from an economically repressive country? Find out within...

Too interesting to not post, at least for an economics teacher---here are the teams participating in the World Cup AND their Economic Freedom ranking as compiled by The Economic Freedom of the World Project. The counties ranking in the index for ALL countries in the world are in parenthesis and they are numbered in order of economic freedom relative to the teams participating in the World Cup (the USA is number 6 in the world rankings but 4th relative to the teams in the World Cup).  Are you rooting for a team that does not have a system for individuals to economically express themselves? Does it matter?  Just a thought...
HT: Divsion of Labour---Looking for a way to decide who you're rooting for in the World Cup? Or do you need a tie-breaker for games in which your home country isn't involved? Here are World Cup participants ranked by their scores in the Economic Freedom of the World Index. Index rankings in parentheses.

1. New Zealand (#3 in index, Hong Kong & Singapore are 1 & 2)
2. Switzerland (4)
3. Chile (5)
4. USA (6)
5. Australia (t-9)
6. UK (t-9)
7. Denmark (12)
8. Netherlands (t-20)
9. Slovakia (26)
t-10. Japan (t-28)
t-10. Honduras (t-28)
12. Germany (29)
13. South Korea (32)
14. France (33)
15. Spain (39)
16. Portugal (45)
17. Greece (52)
18. South Africa (t-57)
t-19. Italy (t-61)
t-19. Uruguay (t-61)
21. Slovenia (t-64)
22. Mexico (68)
23. Ghana (71)
24. Serbia (84)
25. Paraguay (91)
26. Nigeria (97)
27. Argentina (t-105)
28. Cote d'Ivoire (108)
29. Brazil (111)
30. Cameroon (123)
31. Algeria (131)
32. North Korea (Not Ranked)
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