Thursday, April 15, 2010

How much Salt is in YOUR food? Fast Food? All Food???

Salt levels in our food
The amount of salt consumed by most people has been a worry for many years. In fact, it's estimated that of the salt we consume, an astonishing 75 percent of it is already present in our food. 
Most foods contain some salt, but it's the foods that are naturally high in salt we need to watch out for because eating these can push our salt intake over the edge. This is why it's important to choose foods that are lower in salt, when you can. 
Some foods are almost always high in salt because of the way they are made - you can still enjoy them, but try to have these in smaller amounts, or eat them less often. 
It's not expected, but some of the common food in our diets, such as bread, cereals and salt, are in actual fact our worst enemy when it comes to the amount of salt we consume. In the UK, 26 million adults eat too much salt, above the six grams recommended. While in America, the average American eats almost double the recommended amount of sodium every day, which is 2400 milligrams. 
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