Thursday, March 4, 2010

Killing continues, and children pay the price in The Congo---Another day, another tragedy...

The more things change, the more they stay the same---Children are pressed into joining "rebel forces" in the on-going (never-ending?) conflict in The Congo.  I wish the US and the nefarious "international community" (whatever that means) would actually do something to solve this situation, but it won't happen until (1) there are no more people to kill or (2) the perpetrators actually get tired of doing the killing.  Then the diplomats will move in and save the day. Seems like that is usually how these things come to an end...Blahhh!
In the last few months, fighting between the Congolese army and rebels has escalated, and more and more children are being kidnapped to bolster numbers amongst the various militia. Jean Vierre was one of a group of 10 ambushed some two weeks ago. He, his six classmates and three teachers were abducted in what appears to be a well-planned attempt to find new recruits. "When we got to the camps, the rebels told to join the military forces. They took us and threw us in a hole. We were given military outfits and told we had to wear them," explains Jean Claude [not his real name]. The two boys managed to escape after two days but not before they saw many other teenage boys in a similar position.
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