Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Promise to NEVER answer my phone when I am talking to you face to face...can you do the same???

Am I too picky to expect someone to NOT answer their phone when we are talking directly to me??  REALLY frustrates me when a student OR adult does this...It is the epitomy of rudeness, in my opinion...WHAT is so important that one cannot silence the call and return it in a few minutes??...I vow that if this happens again, I will walk away (is THAT rude to do???). Guessin' I was not really needed in the first place...I am with this man...
So, for example, I don’t have a mobile phone turned on because I’m talking to you. I don’t want the outside world to impinge on the conversation we’re having. I don’t carry a BlackBerry. I do my e-mails regularly, but I do it when I have the time on a computer. I don’t want to be sitting here thinking that I’ve got an e-mail message coming here and I’d better look at that while I’m talking to you. Every moment counts, and that moment is lost if you’re not in that moment 100 percent.
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