Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Hummer Brand is Dead...I say good riddance....

WSJ: GM to Shut Hummer After Sale Dies

General Motors Co.'s beefy Hummers will join its Pontiac and Saturn in the scrap yard of failed brands after a $150 million deal to sell the line to a Chinese equipment maker collapsed. Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Wednesday failed to win approval from Chinese regulators for its bid. GM said it would wind down Hummer operations after concluding Tengzhong wouldn't be able to finalize the deal.
I have said in class that the Hummer brand WAS bought by a Chinese company already, but I was wrong....The brand is dead, it seems, officially...Because I am  market-orientated in my outlook, I would never tell someone what kind of vehicle to buy.  I say let market forces do the work.  Well, market forces have spoken in regards to the Hummer. In this case, I believe the correct message was sent.  The vehilce always seemed excessive to me, not only in proportion, but in resouce use.  In a time of war, it symbolized what is/was wrong with our consumer culture AT THE AFFLUENT MARGIN. I heard people defend their purchase/use of this vehicle on the grounds of "freedom"(or some semblence of that arguement)...Yes, you are free to buy one of these, but SHOULD you is the question.   I would hope through  widespread "enlightened" study of economics and philosophy by "the folks", markets can be more efficient and more understood...Could happen...:)
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