Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Did the Internet Kill TV???

The rumor of Televisions death have been greatly exaggerated...Article in NYTIMES "Water-Cooler Effect: Internet Can Be TV’s Friend" suggests what we may already know: TV watching has been enhanced by the internet rather been replaced by it...
Remember when the Internet was supposed to kill off television?...Many television executives are crediting the Internet, in part, for the revival.
Blogs and social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter enable an online water-cooler conversation, encouraging people to split their time between the computer screen and the big-screen TV. The Nielsen Company, which measures television viewership and Web traffic, noticed this month that one in seven people who were watching the Super Bowl and the Olympics opening ceremony were surfing the Web at the same time.
Right now, I am updating this blog, posting it on FB, surfing the internet looking for new ideas AND watching (passively) a History Channel biography on Ben Franklin.  I notice many FB statuses are changed during "LOST" or various award shows.  How about you? What are your habits in this regard?
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