Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NFL prices in 1989 and today. Nice lesson on Inflation.

I found this on Twitter (I do not have the original link).

Shows how much a Season Ticket Package for all the NFL teams cost in 1989 (or it could be 1990, it does not show) in the far right column.

I am assuming the numbers for each year are the number of season ticket packages that were sold then the percent change from 1988 to 1989.

Divide each package by 8 games and you will get the single game price.

Below is a price list for 2013. The yellow highlighted section is for average individual, single game tickets.

Compare the single game price average in 1989 (divide the season package price by 8) with the prices below.

General inflation has increase 92% since 1989 (put $1.00 in the BLS calculator for 1989)

The 1988 (season) Super Bowl Champion was the SF 49ers.

A single game ticket now costs about $84 on average ($275 for a premium ticket).  In 1989 you could get an 8 game season ticket for $250.00, for an average game price of $31.25.  Depending on how much of a break one gets today on the season ticket cost for that seat it may very well work out that a ticket to a 49ers game has kept up with inflation (more likely it has fell behind, though).  We would have to compare a comparable seat.

Have fun with your favorite team and see how much prices have increased relative to inflation.

Source: HERE

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