Monday, September 8, 2014

Reason Number Infinity as to why Walmart and Costco are NOT in the same business--New Tire Edition.

I need some new tires for my 2010 Toyota Camry.  Thought I would check Walmart and Costco websites to price compare. I kinda  knew what the result would be before I checked.

I clipped the first 3 tires offered by Costco and Walmart on their websites.

(1)  If I am upper income I have a choice as to where I go for my tires.

(2) If I am lower income I effectively do not have a choice--gotta go to Walmart (for the most part).

We can slice and dice the quality and warranty offerings among the selections but we cannot argue the affordability for this immediate consumer "need".

Four lowest priced tires at Costco sets me back $440.00.  At Walmart I dole out $332.00.

The difference is $108.00.  If I earn $9.00 per hour I have to work an ADDITIONAL 12 hours (more if I factored in taxes/deductions) to get the cash for 4 new tires at Costco.

See, not the same business---if you are relatively low income wage earner.

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