Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shark Week and the Market for Shark Tacos. Let's go to the graphs.

Shark Week on T.V. has appartently increased the demand for Shark Meat in a variety of forms.

NPR has a story on this:
Discovery Channel set viewership records in 2013 as millions of people tuned in to watch sharks feed, sharks attack, extinct giant sharks and researchers catch and tag sharks. Discovery's "Shark Week" returned on Sunday, and this year, to the dismay of conservationists, restaurants and markets nationwide are feeding the frenzy with a slew of shark meat promotions.
This gives me an opportuntity to "go to the graphs" and analyze this development from a basic supply and demand perspective as to what SHOULD happen using the "Market for Shark (Meat) Tacos".

I think I have this right, but let me know where I might have gone wrong. If you can use this in your class(es) feel free to do so. There is no tragedy in this common(s).  :)

It is time for lunch where I am but I am pretty sure a Shark Taco is not on the menu for me. Yuck!

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