Monday, June 2, 2014

Nice data on food waste in the US. You won't believe how much of it YOU are responsible for!

Reference the data below.  According to the always informative USDA Economic Research Service, in 2010 the estimated amount of food available at the retail level was about 430 Billion pounds.  

Of that, 133 Billion pounds were wasted (not used, thrown away, rotted, etc).  Read that again.

That is 31% of the food supply.  Read that again.

The number circled in RED, 1,249 represents the per person (US) caloric loss from that 133 Billion pounds in lost food (based on population of 313 million).

That could supplement the diets of hundreds of millions people in the developing world and bring them up to developed world levels.

Sadly, this analysis is only a parlor game. Logistics, Logistics, Logistics.  It is a rubrics cube of coordination and will.

It is a nice reminder of the importance of reducing the consumption of perishable food items to what you, well, actually can consume, and to "reuse" the leftovers to avoid throwing away.

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