Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Informal Lime Report Update: A price increase!! According to reports, this should NOT be happening...

I have been chronicling the price of Limes at my neighborhood Kroger (Northern Burbs of Columbus OH) for the past month or so. 

Today (May 3rd) they are $1.59 each.  Just last week they were $1.49.  This article HERE suggests that the price is about to pop and decrease in time for Cinco de Mayo.  Apparently the supply chain has been replenished enough for supply to align more closely with demand.
""This week's sharp move lower comes amid increased supply from Mexico, where the majority of fruit consumed in the U.S. originates, experts said. Falling demand has also contributed to the recent easing.""
This may be a nice illustration of prices being flexible upward but "sticky"on the way down.  Retailers may be capturing some lost profit as they lagged in raising prices in fear of alienating customers.

The supply certainly was adequate at this store on a Saturday afternoon.   :)

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