Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chart showing why AT THE MINIMUM you should go to (and finish) a Community College.

The Upshot at the NY Times has a terrific analysis (and the bar chart below) of how important the Community College systems is in the US.  Personally, I don't think it gets enough attention and should be much more high profile.  It needs to be a integral part of preparing the workforce for the present and future.

Note how close the unemployment rate is to those with a bachelors degree.  A "2-year degree, occupational" trains you to do a specific job.  This statistic should be one that schools, teachers and counselors shout from the rooftops!!

I went to a C.C. to get, quite frankly, some confidence that I could do college.  I was not a good student in high school.  I went into the Marine Corps for 4 years.  After I got out I knew I wanted to go to college but thought for a variety of reasons I could not cut it.  We can get caught up in our insecurities to our detriment.

Turns out to succeed in college all you need is some self-discipline, perseverance, a willingness to ask questions and a desire to find the answers.  Who would have thunk'?

Anyway, props to the C.C. system and I hope you get the attention you deserve.

Source: The Upshot at NYTIMES

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