Friday, March 14, 2014

Not in my area of expertise but here is what I think happened to Malaysian Flight 370.

I want to go on record with my theory of what happened to Malaysian Flight 370.

I just saw a profile of the pilots on CNN.  The co-pilot is a young-ish man and has been photographed smoking AND carousing with ladies in the cockpit.

The plane seems to have exhibited a pattern of flying that is intentional (sharp turns and a gain/loss/gain/loss in elevation) and under the control of SOMEONE.

In a 777 flight simulator, CNN reporter Martin Savidge sitting in the co-pilot chair, easily turned off  the transponder beacon.  Could do it with little notice from the pilot. 

I think the co-pilot was under pressure (real or imagined) and in fear for his job/career as a result of "indiscretions".  He cracked, folded, went crazy, choose your descriptor.

Well, that is what I think at 6:07pm Eastern on March 14.  

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