Friday, February 7, 2014

Your first look at January's Jobs Report. 113,000 new jobs created. Way below estimates from Left AND Right economists. Tepid at best.

Businesses created a total of 113,000 new jobs in January.  This is way below the general consensus of economists on the Left AND Right that about 185,000 were expected.

Highlighted in YELLOW are the areas where the jobs created in January 2014 were above the past two months level and higher than one year ago (Jan 2013).

Highlighted in RED are the areas where the the jobs created are below the past two month level and lower than one year ago.]

Highlighted in GREEN are the total for the overall "Goods Producing" sector which is higher than in prior periods, and "Private Service Producing" sector which is much lower than in prior periods.

"Government" at the bottom is down significantly.  This category includes Federal, State and Local employment.  The BLS reports that 9,000 of the job losses come from the US Postal service alone.

Source: BLS

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