Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nice graphic showing Top 10 States that are recipients of Farm Subsidies and SNAP (aka Food Stamps) benefits. Shows how one political party speaks out of both side sides its ideological mouth.

A terrific graphic from the WSJ showing the recipients of Farm Subsidies and SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) benefits by State and Presidential candidate from the 2012 election (this suggests the overall political leanings of the State).  Both programs are funded within the context of the Farm Bill passed by Congress every 5 years and it is administered by the US Dept of Agriculture.

Focus on the "Top 10" in each category.  Notice that States in RED, indicating Republican leaning States, are heavily represented in the Top 10 of BOTH programs.  There is nothing notable about the farm subsidies and the States they go to BUT what observation can you make about SNAP subsidies in the form of food assistance?  Interestingly enough, THOSE States lean Republican as well.

The article that accompanies this graphic points out that these States don't have large urban areas and really illustrates the level of rural poverty that exists in the US.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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